Benefits of Upgrading Your Building Telephone Entry System

Although telephone entry systems have been around for quite some time, the technology has recently been changing to accommodate the need for the cost-effective, integrated technology businesses expect with their surveillance and access control systems.

Upgrading your building’s telephone entry system from an analog system to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has many benefits that support current use and future possibilities for your access control. Here are a few of the noteworthy benefits of getting a new telephone entry system for your business.

Upgrading Can Help You Save Money

Since telephone entry systems have been around since the time of landlines, conventional landlines are still used in many older systems for buildings.

These landlines often still charge for long-distance calls, so upgrading with a VoIP phone number, which uses the internet instead of a landline, can provide business owners with cost savings [1]. Saving money is one of the best benefits of switching to a newer system.

Not only are the monthly service fees lower for VoIP setups, but the installation costs are much lower as well. Business owners can generally get unlimited domestic and even international calls in some cases, further reducing their expenses.

Newer Systems Are Easier to Manage

Many modern telephone entry systems are based in the cloud instead of installed locally on-site, which makes the system easier to manage with remote access [2]. These cloud-based systems are also simpler to use, which results in better customer satisfaction, both for businesses and for their end-users.

Cloud-based entry systems also eliminate the need for on-site hardware, which lowers installation costs and maintenance efforts. Business owners may also be able to bundle their other cloud services, such as video storage, with their telephone entry system for even more cost savings.

These systems are also scalable, giving businesses the opportunity to upgrade or change their service as needed without adjustments to their on-site setup.

The Software Is Simpler to Update and Maintain

Upgrading your telephone entry system to VoIP technology also gives you the opportunity to create a system that’s more vandal resistant, meaning it’ll be better protected against tampering, harsh weather conditions, and heavy use.

Managing these systems is simpler as the software is easy to update, unlike older versions that rely on on-site hardware and copper wiring. These updated systems give businesses the advantage of integrating technologies, using features that end-users expect with modern telephone systems, and provide flexibility for any future upgrades or changes [3].

Have You Considered Upgrading?

If you’re still using an analog telephone entry system but have considered upgrading, schedule a consultation with us at Surveillance Secure. Our team provides cost-effective electronic commercial security technology to help you support your business objectives. Contact us today at (877) 388-1248!



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