The Benefits of Outsourcing Video Monitoring for Commercial Offices

Video monitoring takes your video surveillance system to the next level by giving you the opportunity to react in the moment rather than respond to something that happened yesterday by going back to watch a video.

You may believe that video monitoring is the best option, but you may not have the circumstance to hire a full-time staff for taking care of this process in-house. Or you may not be able to keep security staff on hand when your offices are closed.

If you want the peace of mind to focus on your business rather than worrying about the safety of your staff and building, outsourcing your video monitoring system is a great option. You get all of the protection of video monitoring at a fraction of the price it would cost to perform the work in-house.

Potential Benefits of Video Monitoring

To reach deadlines, employees sometimes work late into the evening. This can create a dangerous environment for employees walking to their cars at night. Monitored video surveillance means someone is always watching to call for help if an emergency arises rather than merely using a recording to catch a criminal after the fact. This can give your employees peace of mind.

Video monitoring can help protect your company from vandalism, fire, intrusion, and more. Real-time notifications and response from local authorities and emergency services help protect your assets in the present. It can mean the difference between filing a claim for fire damages versus the loss of the entire building. Stopping an act of vandalism in progress send a message to future vandals that there are plenty of easier buildings to go after than yours.

If you have in-house monitoring during the day or feel it is not needed when your building is full of employees, you can still available yourself of the service in the evenings or at other times the offices are closed. This gives you all of the security while limiting costs to paying for exactly what you need and nothing more.

Protect Employees, Protect Your Company

Keeping employees safe protects everyone from the tragedy of a crime. It also protects your business from a potential lawsuit. Besides just people, video monitoring also protects your investment. Break-ins can lead to material loss. Corporate espionage can lead to untold losses in future earnings. And while we never want to think about things like this, with what we see going on across the globe today, it never hurts to have a system in place that can immediately call out to authorities in case of an active shooter on the premises.

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