Built-In Camera Analytics Provide Cost-Effective Way to Count Your Visitors

If you have an existing surveillance system for your business, you can easily incorporate people-counting analytics into your cameras. Newer cameras also come with built-in analytics, meaning you won’t have to upgrade your system just to take advantage of this software.

People-counting technology provides a cost-effective way to count your visitors, which can offer many benefits for your business. These built-in analytics can benefit a variety of industries, including government facilities, public transportation, retail, and even school campuses [1].

How can people-counting analytics benefit your particular facility? Here’s how you can automatically count your visitors to support your business operations.

Understand How People Use Your Spaces

People-counting software allows you to identify trends in how people use your spaces. For example, if people consistently enter or exit through a specific door when there are multiple doors available, or how many people enter or leave an area at a specific time.

Understanding these patterns can help you adjust your business operations as necessary to support safety and efficiency [2]. Analytics such as people-counting technology can also help you identify opportunities to advertise to customers in retail, or enhance security for government or public transport facilities.

With reliable, real-time data, you can also track people across spaces to identify prime opportunities for maintenance, streamlining your efforts and boosting performance.

Boost Security Without On-Site Staff

With people-counting technology, you have the opportunity to configure your system to alert your security team if people enter a restricted area or enter or exit through the wrong door. 

You can also program the system to identify if more than one person enters your facility at a time, which can be particularly beneficial if you have an access control system where only one person should enter at a time.

The system can also alert your team when your facility has reached full capacity so they can act accordingly. These accurate analytics can help you increase the security of your facility without hiring additional on-site staff [3].

Convenient Remote Monitoring and Management

Built-in people-counting analytics also come with remote monitoring and management capabilities. Remote monitoring has many benefits, as you can check your camera feed from anywhere with an internet connection and reduce false alarms by verifying a notification before getting security involved [4].

With people-counting analytics, you can connect multiple ceiling-mounted cameras to effectively monitor your areas. Since the data is stored on each camera, you won’t need to secure additional storage, which can help you better control your expenses. The system will automatically save data for up to 90 days.

In addition, people-counting analytics can also be integrated with third-party applications, such as POS transaction monitoring and facial recognition technology, for streamlined surveillance solutions.

Find Out How People-Counting Analytics Can Benefit Your Facility

People-counting analytics make sense for a variety of applications. When you need a cost-effective way to monitor foot traffic and improve the efficiency of your facility, contact Surveillance Secure to learn more about your options at (877) 388-1248. Our security professionals can review all your opportunities with you to identify the setup that makes the most sense for your business!


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