Camera and Access Control Installation for Local Airport Commission

Surveillance Secure recently worked with a local airport commission in Virginia to install surveillance cameras, intelligent video analytics, and access control solutions for their facility. 

The client needed reliable surveillance for their property, but they also needed improved perimeter security. The Surveillance Secure team worked with the client to secure their perimeter with a gate system for their access control needs.

In addition to the gate system, the airport commission wanted to utilize intelligent video analytics to enhance their surveillance and access control technologies. As a result, Surveillance Secure integrated license plate recognition (LPR) technology with the surveillance cameras, which allows the client to capture the license plates of all vehicles entering or attempting entry into the facility.

License plate recognition analytics also allow the airport commission to automatically have a record of all captured license plates. So anytime they need to search the database for a particular plate or date and time stamp, the system allows them to do that.

Now that the airport commission’s perimeter is secure and they can effectively monitor incoming vehicles with surveillance and video analytics, the client has more insight into their traffic and searchable records for captured license plates.

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