Surveillance Secure has partnered with clients in diverse industries to design, install and service tailored security systems. Here we feature client case studies highlighting examples of our projects and the solutions we delivered for their needs.

Surveillance Secure Installs New Surveillance System for Office in Baltimore, MD

Surveillance Secure recently worked with Nyquist, Inc., a paint, body, and equipment distributor specializing in automotive coatings in Baltimore, Maryland, to install a new video surveillance system for the client’s main office and warehouse. The customer had no CCTV or IP video surveillance storage (VSS) in place, but they wanted to have the ability to […]

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Surveillance Secure Assists DC’s Golden Triangle With New Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Secure recently assisted the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (BID) in Washington, DC with their surveillance needs. The team installed new cameras on building rooftops in downtown DC to view areas covered by the BID. Surveillance Secure’s technicians installed a series of both point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and fixed AXIS cameras. PTZ cameras allow for greater […]

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New Cloud Based Surveillance System for a New Space: Rockville Housing Enterprises Case Study

The Surveillance Secure team was able to assist Rockville Housing Enterprises, an independent organization created by the mayor and council to determine the need for building and overseeing public housing in the city. Rockville Housing Enterprises moved into a new corporate space and needed surveillance and access control solutions for security, particularly to cover the […]

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Surveillance Secure Installs New Cameras for Cannabis Production Facility

Surveillance Secure partnered with a cannabis production facility to improve their security by installing a new camera system. At this particular facility, employees prepare cannabis products by hand, and the client needed to be able to monitor the entire production process. The surveillance system Surveillance Secure installed is designed to carefully monitor product handling and […]

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Surveillance Secure Implements Security for Black Hill Residential Community and Office Campus

Surveillance Secure is working with a residential community and office campus called Black Hill located in Clarksburg, Maryland, which is in Northern Montgomery County. The community offers more than three million square feet of living and working space, including high-end residential and senior living apartments. There will also be easy-access retail and hotel locations, all […]

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