How Retailers Upgrade Their Surveillance Cameras With Video Analytics to Optimize Their Operations

Most retailers have surveillance cameras in place to record transactions and have evidence in the event of a dispute or theft.

However, the pandemic has motivated retailers to realize additional measures they could be taking to improve their marketing and customer service, especially when operating under public safety guidelines.

Fortunately, most modern cameras can be upgraded to incorporate intelligent video analytics. Intelligent video analytics support real-time responses for retailers, as well as investigations and long-term goals for customer service and marketing.

Data from video analytics can help retailers optimize their operations for better efficiency and long-term success—here’s how.

Increase Sales and Conversions With Data

Video analytics collect valuable data through surveillance which retailers can use to understand trends in their environments.

For example, cameras can track how long people spend in front of displays and which areas in the store customers visit the most [1]. This information can help retailers determine which marketing efforts are most impactful and which need to be improved to help increase sales and conversions.

Since most retailers already have surveillance cameras, video analytics are a cost-effective upgrade that can have a significant impact on daily operations as well as sales goals.

Optimize Store Displays for Foot Traffic and Marketing

Instead of having employees track customers by watching video footage, video analytics can automatically collect data that retailers can use to count people in the store and ensure departments are appropriately staffed [2]. Automatic tracking keeps employees focused on their core jobs instead of watching a surveillance camera.

Since the pandemic, many retailers have struggled to staff enough employees to accommodate demand and provide adequate customer service. With video analytics, retailers can better understand which days and hours are the busiest to ensure the store has enough staff members during these peak times.

Video analytics also make it possible for retailers to optimize their operational efficiency for foot traffic. For example, the data can show which areas of the store are the most popular, which areas pose unique challenges for traffic, and which areas would make the best candidates for displays.

Deliver a Safer Shopping Experience With People Counting Technology

The pandemic has impacted operational efficiency for many businesses, and retailers have struggled to provide shoppers with a safer experience in the store while abiding by public health regulations.

Surveillance cameras enhanced with video analytics can support the enforcing of safety guidelines, including abiding by store occupancy levels to ensure social distancing is possible [3]. Video analytics can also tell if people are wearing masks and alert your security team to those not wearing face coverings.

Video analytics can also count the number of people that have been in a particular area and notify your team that it’s time for sanitation to maximize your cleaning efforts and reduce the spread of germs.

Which Video Analytics Make the Most Sense for Your Business?

If your business already has surveillance cameras, video analytics can be a simple and affordable upgrade that can empower you to maximize your operations in a retail setting. Find out more about what video analytics can do for you by contacting Surveillance Secure today at (877) 388-1248!



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