Integrated Security Technology for Improving Healthcare Security and Operation Management

Ensure patient and employee safety with alarm system integration of intelligent video analytics and an access control system. Manage your healthcare operation with real-time security updates. The right integrated security technology solutions can improve the safety and operations of your healthcare facility. Here are the security and operations elements you need.

Facial Recognition for Access Control

A healthcare facility may have numerous areas that are off limits to patients and guests. Some areas should be accessed only by employees with clearance. For example:

  • Testing labs
  • Drug storage rooms
  • Records rooms

Using facial recognition is one way to integrate security cameras to create access control for sensitive areas of the building.

Set Up a Patient Observation HQ

Your staff may spend a lot of time running from room to room answering calls from patients who could have waited a few minutes while there may be another patient having an emergency but out of reach of the call button. Video technology can centralize the observation of patients by allowing you to set up a command center where just a few sets of eyes can simultaneously observe every patient room in the building from one place. This can allow an observation team to call down to the nearest nurses station if an emergency arises, or they can help to prioritize the response to calls.  

Medical Student Observation Rooms

Teaching facilities often struggle to accommodate the number of medical students who need to attend surgeries for learning purposes. Rather than overcrowding an OR, the digital solution is to install mini cameras that can allow you to have a viewing room. Joystick or mobile app controlled zoom and viewing angles give students similar if not better views of the procedure than being in the room. Meanwhile, your OR staff gains more room to maneuver.

Smartphone Notifications

Intelligent video analytics combined with smartphone notifications can provide your security team with immediate alerts if something suspicious occurs, whether it be in the lobby, a stairwell, or a patient’s room. Anywhere you have a camera, the system can be designed to alert your team to situations that need immediate attention.

The Future of Healthcare Operations and Security Is Intelligent Video Analytics

Don’t leave modern video technology to businesses like retail stores. Advancements have led to affordable video solutions that can help your medical facility to be more secure and to run smoothly. The time and money saved by these solutions may even offset the initial investment. To learn more, contact Surveillance Secure today.

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