The Superiority of Smartphones Over Key Fobs for Bluetooth Enabled Access Control Systems

If you are using a Bluetooth access control system, you may be able to receive benefits from replacing an existing key fob system with one that utilizes smartphones. Here are a few of the reasons that the change may make a big difference for your security.

Reduce Key Fob Replacement Costs

Whether you are currently using key fobs, ID cards, or some other system that involves giving your employees or residents some sort of token, you probably recognize the immediate savings of switching to a smartphone. People are always losing their fob or card, and this can lead to a lot of wasted time and expense in replacing the items and resetting the system so that someone can’t just find the missing key fob and access your building.

Smartphones are expensive enough that most people keep an eye on them. It is something that a person always carries with them. They are already Bluetooth enabled, so there is no adjustment needed for the hardware. All you have to do is show your residents or employees how to use it. 

Secure Credential Storage

Of course, a phone can also be stolen, so you need to take care that a user’s credentials are not lost with the device. This is easy with a smartphone because the credentials can be stored in the cloud. Additionally, if someone does steal a user’s phone, they will also need to be able to authenticate their identity to use it (thumbprint, facial recognition, PIN, etc.). Just holding a phone up to an access control system won’t let them into the building. In contrast, if a key fob is stolen, anyone can use it. Therefore, using a smartphone increases your security. 

Easy to Use 

Assigning a key to a smartphone user is simple. When the credentials are initially created, the user is alerted of the need to download the app that goes along with your access control system. The user will need to verify their identity. Then the app is used to pass the credentials to the access control system via Bluetooth. 

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