Additional Benefits of Video Analytics for University Campus Surveillance Systems

Security is essential for college campuses, where students, staff, and visitors come and go, making security challenging. With a large number of people and different areas, such as dorms, classrooms, stadiums, shops, and eating areas, campus security demands sophisticated surveillance solutions.

With intelligent video analytics, campus security doesn’t have to be complicated. Analytics go beyond simply monitoring of university common areas and provide additional benefits for your surveillance system and overall campus safety.

Video analytics make it simple to turn surveillance from evidence to proactive security, all to enhance safety and improve the experience of students, staff, and guests. Here’s how.

Improve Campus Design and Planning

There are many elements of university campuses that can make construction planning, pathway design, and safety improvements challenging.

With intelligent video analytics, you have the data you need to:

  • Improve both vehicle and foot traffic flow
  • Understand where and how crowding happens
  • Identify and remedy blind spots to increase situational awareness
  • Plan and design transit systems or bike paths

In addition to being able to better plan for and accommodate crowds—especially during sports events or campus tours—universities can also make improvements in the layout, safety, and efficiency of campus design to improve student, staff, and visitor experiences.

And, when you work with electronic security professionals to implement video analytics, you can also identify your safety and operational goals prior to installation to configure the system to meet your specific needs [1].

Create Successful Promotional Efforts and Merchandising

University campuses often have shops where students and visitors can purchase items, whether it’s a bookstore or shops selling university merchandise and apparel. Video analytics can identify busy hours, effective placements for displays, and even help with planning store pathways to drive marketing efforts.

Leveraging video analytics for successful promotional efforts and merchandising can go a long way toward not just driving revenue, but improving visitor and student experience at the campus and encouraging people to return.

Video analytics can also enhance safety at these shops with object tracking, which can help identify theft and even visible weapons to alert security in real-time [2].

Leverage Data and Trends for a Long-Term Impact

In addition to providing real-time alerts, such as if someone is accessing a dangerous or restricted area, video analytics empower universities to leverage data and identify trends for a long-term impact.

For example, if there are repeated incidents at a particular area or building, analytics make it possible to identify vulnerabilities in that area—such as poor lighting, false door alarms, or blind spots—that need to be remedied to improve security.

Using intelligent video analytics allows for immediate incident awareness for short-term security improvements. However, it also plays an integral role in decision making when designing or renovating buildings, shops, or parks on the property to keep students safer and improve the reputation of your university [3].

Harness the Power of Video Analytics With Surveillance Secure

Surveillance Secure works with educational institutions such as universities to harness the power of video analytics. If you have an existing surveillance system but have not yet taken advantage of video analytics yet, contact our team today at (877) 388-1248 to discuss how this technology can make your campus more secure.



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