How Video Analytics Enables Retailers to Increase Operational Efficiency

Intelligent video analytics have changed the way businesses secure their premises and monitor activity, including retail stores

Surveillance cameras are no longer simply used to investigate incidents such as theft or vandalism. Instead, retailers can now use their surveillance video to collect data in real-time, search for specific criteria, and make meaningful changes to their operations to enhance profitability.

How can video analytics take your security and efficiency as a retailer to the next level? Read on to discover how analytics can enhance your operations and customer experience for reduced losses and greater profitability.

Optimize Staffing to Enhance Customer Experience

Instead of attempting to manually track how many people shop at your store every day, video analytics automatically collect this data so you can view trends over time [1].

Based on these trends, retailers can identify busy times of the day or busy seasons when they need more staff. Retaining staff for busy shopping times can ensure retailers aren’t hiring people when they don’t need them but will ensure customers have the assistance and support they need for a positive shopping experience.

Analyzing trends also allows retailers to plan ahead for busy times of year or sales seasons to ensure optimal staffing without hiring too many or too few people.

Leverage Data to Change Store Layouts

Video analytics also provides valuable data about how people move through a retail space and interact with merchandise. These include areas where:

  • Frequent crowding happens
  • The checkout line blocks aisles or displays
  • People frequently pick up items
  • Shoplifting repeatedly occurs
  • Displays get the most attention

Analytics help retailers identify areas that pose a security risk and poor traffic flow as well as those where displays would be ideal [2]. Making informed decisions to change these areas based on quantifiable data can help retailers prevent loss, increase profits, and appropriately staff and secure their stores.

Boost Security Throughout Your Store

Store security—whether through surveillance cameras, physical security personnel, or both—is essential to preventing loss and investigating incidents. However, it can be difficult to understand where security is most needed in a retail location.

Intelligent video analytics allows retailers to identify where security is most needed, whether these are areas where inventory is often missing, people may loiter, or suspicious behavior occurs. As a result, instead of stretching security resources thin by putting cameras or people in areas where they are not needed, retailers can maximize security in the most challenging spaces [3].

For example, video analytics provide data about areas where theft or suspicious behavior occurs—or even blind spots in your surveillance—that could benefit from added security. This actionable data allows companies to make changes that ultimately reduce loss and enhance security.

Implement Video Analytics for Your Retail Environment

If you already have a surveillance system for your retail store, deploying intelligent video analytics is typically a straightforward process. Are you ready to increase your operational efficiency and discover the benefits of video analytics? Get started by scheduling a consultation with Surveillance Secure today—call us at (877) 388-1248.



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