Understanding How POS Transaction Monitoring Helps Retail Loss Prevention

Loss, shrinkage, theft – whatever your retail business decides to call it, stealing can really eat into your profits. How can you put a POS transaction monitoring system to good use so that you can reduce loss and maximize your store’s profitability? Here are a few things that you should know. 

Recorded Video Gives You a Legal Basis for Action 

Whether it is an employee or a customer who steals from you, being able to take action is important to ensure the loss doesn’t recur. A consumer with sticky fingers may frequent a shop once they get away with theft. Even if you decide not to prosecute, if your surveillance system has facial recognition, you can be ready when that person comes back.

For your employees, knowing they are on camera is a good deterrent. For those who try to get away with stealing anyway, the video can give you cause for termination, and you may even be able to recover the lost funds. 

POS Transaction Monitoring Catches Loss in the Act

Of course, a monitoring system is even better if it can stop theft from happening in the first place. While you may not be able to have someone watching the cameras at all times, you may be able to get alerts when certain actions take place. This can allow you to rewind quickly and see what happened. You may even be able to stop a thief before they leave the store or catch an employee in the act. 

Prevent Loss Due to Customer Service Conflicts

You can also lose a customer if your employee has a heated disagreement with someone. When the surveillance system detects raised voices, you can get an alert to see what is going on. You can even review the tapes for situations when it is just one person’s word against another. This gives you the opportunity to protect both your customers as well as your employees, depending on who is in the right. Monitoring is also a great way to train new employees without having to stand next to them. You can watch, listen, and only jump in when you absolutely need to.

Let Surveillance Secure Set Up Your POS Monitoring System  

POS monitoring systems form Surveillance Secure can help you to protect your business from financial loss. It may even help you avoid even greater losses if the system detects a threat, and you can get the authorities involved before anyone is hurt. Contact us today by calling 877.388.1248 to get your system designed and installed. 

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