Effective Temporary & Self-Contained Security Technology for Mobile Sites and Events

With the rising security needs of commercial businesses today, it makes sense that the need for surveillance technology extends into mobile sites.

Temporary and self-contained security for mobile sites can be effective at deterring crime, monitoring the perimeters of a site or event, and keeping both employees and attendees safe. 

Mobile surveillance utilizes solar-powered solutions which eliminate the need for a reliable external power source. These security cameras provide the flexibility that many temporary job sites and other events need to employ effective security without the more complex setup or maintenance of a traditional system. 

Where Temporary and Self-Contained Surveillance Is Ideal

Temporary and self-contained surveillance can work for a variety of situations where a mobile integrated security setup is needed, including:

  • Residential and commercial construction sites. The job might not be going on long-term, but building materials and tools are vulnerable to theft after hours [1].
  • Parking lots. For events or job sites where you want to ensure employees and visitors are reaching their vehicles safely.
  • Playgrounds or parks. Mobile surveillance solutions can monitor community areas for suspicious, illegal, or dangerous activity that can affect residents.
  • Areas that are being monitored by law enforcement. Police or government agencies may have a particular site under surveillance and need temporary, self-contained units.

These are sites that may not have reliable access to electricity, making solar-powered cameras with battery backup ideal.

Advanced Technology Aligns with Customizable Solutions

Self-contained surveillance units still deliver on the technology that security personnel, law enforcement, event managers, and property owners need, including high-definition cameras and recording.

These solar-powered cameras can be posted on poles or in a discreet location of your choosing. They don’t obstruct views and provide wireless data transmission with constant power density, allowing for reliable transmission without the need for a wired power source [2].

With temporary mobile security, you still get the cutting-edge technology you need with the customized solutions that work for you. Surveillance Secure provides self-contained solar-powered security setups with integrated technology that makes it simple to manage and operate these units.

With constant, 360-degrees of coverage, these temporary cameras can capture and record all activity, keeping your site or event safe and even integrating analytics including license plate or facial recognition when you need it.

Why Invest in Temporary Security for Your Mobile Sites?

Surveillance cameras help stop theft and vandalism when used appropriately [3]. Rising crime across the country calls for reliable and adaptable mobile surveillance. Temporary events and job sites can be a target as potential thieves know the site won’t be there for long, and they can take advantage of unprotected equipment.

At Surveillance Secure, we fully assess your needs and handle the service and maintenance of your self-contained surveillance system to help you protect your attendees, your assets, and your team. These units are convenient, reliable, and provide the solutions you need to keep your community safe.

Contact us at (877) 388-1248 for more information on our temporary mobile security solutions and how our expert team can help you implement the surveillance you need for advanced protection!


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