Campus Electronic Security Preparation for an Active Shooter Scenario

The FBI has released a 12-page document regarding the 27 shootings it has chosen to designate as active shooter incidents that took place during the year 2018. These incidents resulted in 213 casualties, and 9 of the incidents ended with the suspect and law enforcement agents exchanging gunfire. 

81 of the 213 casualties occurred in the five incidents that happened in education environments. This reveals that while campuses may not be the number place for active shooters scenarios to unfold, they seem to be where the situation is the most difficult to contain and protect individuals. How can you prepare in advance so that your students and faculty do not become statistics? Here are the two most important things that your educational facility needs to do right away. 

Add Gunshot Detection Analytics to Your Campus Surveillance System 

Gunshot detection is a must for your surveillance system analytics. When the security system detects the sound of a gunshot, the location is immediately pinpointed by the networked audio system. Security personnel is alerted, so they know the exact location to respond. Security cameras can be used to verify the situation and the best way to approach the shooter to maximize response time while minimizing conflict.  

Integrate Your Access Control System and Network Audio/Video Analytics 

The other key to being prepared for an active shooter scenario is to make sure that your access control system is working in harmony with your networked audio and video analytics. You should be able to initiate a campus-wide lockdown from a single control panel. At the same time, you need to be able to lock and unlock individual doors. This can trap a shooter while providing your security team freedom of movement. An audio response should be triggered by audio or video analytics that detect an active shooter so that everyone on campus is immediately alerted to the situation and can carry out the protocols that have been set in place for this type of situation. 

Is Your Campus Ready for the Worst-Case Scenario?

We hope your facility never has to deal with an active shooter situation but hoping something doesn’t happen is not proper preparation. Surveillance Secure can help your campus to be equipped to provide maximum protection for your students and staff while giving security forces the chance they need to take control of the situation rapidly. Call 877.388.1248 today to learn more. 

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