Benefits and Applications of Long-Range Wireless Security Cameras

Long-range wireless security cameras are perfect for businesses and residences alike. It is a great way to go wireless with a security system and get all of the benefits when a local wired or wireless network is not available. The larger your home or facility, the more important it is to have a long-range wireless security system that operates in a point to point manner. Here are some of the benefits. 

Added Security Benefits 

The whole point of your surveillance system is security, so why not go with a system that has the added benefits of wireless cameras. There is no wire for bad guys to cut if they want to shut your system down. Plus, battery backups keep your system going when the electric is out.

Quick Installation 

You don’t have to run lines through walls to keep them protected and out of sight. All the technician has to do is install the battery-powered cameras with built-in software that records and protects the video feed. It’s even simple to expand your security system later on because adding additional cameras is just as easy as the initial installation. 

Unique Storage and Backup Option 

Since the cameras are wireless, you have many unique storage and backup options. The cameras may have some storage built-in. Then you can also have the feed transmitted and stored online so you have access to it no matter what may happen to the camera itself. 

Fewer Restrictions on Camera Locations 

If it is within the range of your point to point camera’s signal, then you are good to go. These long-range cameras are designed to be placed further away than wireless networks reach without repeating the signal. There really are no restrictions on where in your home or facility you can place a camera. 

Hassle-Free Surveillance Systems form the Pros 

If you are looking for a low maintenance, no stress surveillance system, then a long-range wireless security system may be the way to go. You get all of the benefits of a wireless security system plus the convenience of point to point cameras that are not restricted to the distance a Wi-Fi signal will carry.

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