Benefits of Cloud Video Storage for Commercial Security Camera Systems

Commercial businesses are always looking for new ways to reduce expenses while increasing efficiency. Camera systems with cloud video storage are an excellent solution for companies with all types of surveillance needs to increase flexibility and security while reducing costs.

Surveillance cameras with cloud video storage record video and use an internet connection to transfer and store data in the cloud, which eliminates the need for a complex setup of on-site recording equipment.

In fact, these cameras provide an easier way to efficiently manage security needs with minimal effort at a low cost [1]. Here are just a few of the benefits of utilizing cloud video storage for the security needs of your commercial business!

Simple Setup with Minimal Upfront Costs

One of the benefits that businesses enjoy most about security cameras with cloud storage is the simple setup. Cloud video storage enables companies to easily deploy these surveillance solutions, but they’re also easy to scale for a variety of commercial security applications.

Businesses won’t need to invest in more equipment just to expand their video storage to additional sites, and they won’t need to alter their existing IT infrastructure to set up more surveillance cameras. Implementation of these cameras is simple and efficient, and they’re easy for business owners and managers to maintain once installed [2].

Provides Necessary Insight and Accessibility

Cloud video storage is easy for business owners to access and manage, allowing them to quickly retrieve important information.

Easy access is especially beneficial in the event of a security incident in which footage is needed as soon as possible to contain damage, identify an offender, or secure assets [3]. The accessibility of this information can help businesses enhance their security setup for increased safety and efficiency.

Not only do cloud video solutions provide commercial businesses with an end-to-end solution, but they provide necessary insights for organizations to improve. Business managers and owners can monitor performance and issues in real-time, and even analyze trends to modify business practices for enhanced success.

Increased Security for Video Footage and Data

In the past, companies had their video surveillance footage stored on-site. This footage wasn’t encrypted, and was vulnerable to cyber incidents such as data breaches. However, with cloud video solutions, commercial businesses can better ensure the integrity of their data.

Data such as video footage is encrypted before it’s uploaded to the cloud, allowing your company’s surveillance footage to remain secure and only accessible by authorized users [4]. The best part is that the software involved in cloud solutions updates automatically, so business owners don’t need to worry about consistently ensuring their systems are updated.

As physical security and the security needs of commercial businesses evolve, using video analytics can be hugely beneficial to improving policies and practices that can make a major difference in safety and efficiency.

Isn’t It Time You Invested in Cloud Video Storage?

Scalability, ease of use, and video analytics are only part of what make cloud video storage solutions so effective for commercial businesses. Augment your security setup today with cloud solutions to enhance your operations with Surveillance Secure. Contact us today at (877) 388-1248 to learn more about our cloud storage options for businesses just like yours!



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