Benefits of Mobile Management for Commercial Access Control Systems

Commercial access control systems are a must in the modern world. Not only do you need to be able to control who is going in and out of your buildings, but you also need to be able to control internal access. This allows you to have restricted access areas within your buildings that only allow authorized personnel. 

One of the current advancements in commercial access control systems is the ability not only to use mobile devices as an authentication device but also the ability to give you complete control of the access system in the palm of your hands. Consider the following benefits of mobile management for commercial access control systems. 

#1 Remote Access to the Control System 

You are enjoying a relaxing evening at home with your significant other when you get a call. Someone needs to get into the office. It’s an emergency, or that project will never be ready in time. You have to get off the couch, drive over to the office with the key, and let your employee into the building. Don’t let this scenario happen to you.

Mobile management can allow you to open and close doors remotely. Stay on the couch in front of your favorite TV show with your arm around your significant other and tap the screen a few times to give that employee access to the building.

#2 Management of Multiple Locations 

Why require a separate access control system with a different person to manage it at each facility? You run one company, so you should have a unified access control system. Then you, or another person you delegate, can control access at all of your facilities from one device. 

#3 Create and Delete Users Remotely 

Did you just hire a new employee? Did your security team escort a disgruntled employee out of the building after he or she was fired? Regardless of the reasons you need to add or remove users from the system, there is no need to be present. You can provide or revoke credentials remotely using a mobile management system. 

Convenient and Secure Mobile Management of Commercial Access Control Systems 

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