Surveillance Secure Implements Security for Black Hill Residential Community and Office Campus

Surveillance Secure is working with a residential community and office campus called Black Hill located in Clarksburg, Maryland, which is in Northern Montgomery County.

The community offers more than three million square feet of living and working space, including high-end residential and senior living apartments. There will also be easy-access retail and hotel locations, all located in a natural setting that will have walking and cycling trails.

Phase I is currently under construction and includes the first set of Black Hill Apartments, which will include multi-family residences. The seven-building project precedes Phase II, which will feature additional apartment buildings nearby.

The residential community requires access control security for residents in addition to cameras for safety. The Surveillance Secure team has been handling this project, installing doors and callboxes for secure access control solutions in addition to surveillance cameras. Internal and external cameras are being implemented to cover all necessary surveillance areas and the cameras will have cloud-based access.

Cloud-based access for the cameras not only provides greater video storage flexibility and reliability, but also allows security personnel to easily access security footage in the event of an emergency or incident that requires reviewing footage. Surveillance Secure is also installing an alarm and fire monitoring system for the seven buildings in Phase I to complete the security setup and ensure resident safety.

As the project for Black Hill Residential Community and Office Campus moves into Phase II, Surveillance Secure will continue to implement security solutions for the community. The residential community and office campus will have easy access to Germantown, DC, Frederick, and Damascus.


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