Client Case Study: Eastman Chemical Factory

When our clients need cameras in some of the harshest environments, we deliver. Chemical manufacturing buildings need surveillance systems that are explosion-proof and withstand the tough agents and environments that come with chemical manufacturing.

Prioritizing Concerns

At the Eastman Chemical Factory, we worked with our clients to prioritize their security concerns. Their main concern was monitoring equipment and the cameras needed to be wholly functional and safe should an accident happen. We installed cameras that would withstand explosions should they happen and function faultlessly in the chemical factory environment.

Another security concern of the Eastman Chemical Factory was how to monitor their employees and have the security footage to be able to research accidents. This feature is crucial because not only does it help employees and management to see where and how something went amiss, but it also allows for further insight into the incident which will help prevent future occurrences and keep all employees safe.

The Toughest Equipment

With our explosion-proof cameras to monitor equipment, keep employees safe, and research accidents, Eastman Chemical Factory was equipped to meet the challenges their harsh environment posed and take advantage of security footage to attain safety and insight into incidents in the factory.

We also worked with Eastman to set up a 70-inch monitor in their control center. This enables management and personnel to see the camera footage clearly and to be able to monitor employees and safety best practices as they happen. With the control center monitor in addition to the security cameras in the chemical manufacturing facility, Eastman is able to ensure safety and prevent accidents before they happen.

The Results

Eastman Chemical Factory is now able to effectively monitor their main facility and ensure that it’s safe and secure at all times. Our cameras make the impossible possible—from remote locations to corrosive chemical environments, our cameras withstand it all to provide you with reliable, crystal-clear footage and remain intrinsically safe in the event of an accident or explosion.

Ensuring safety of your security cameras, employees, equipment, and facility isn’t always easy to attain. At Surveillance Secure, we work with you to identify your security challenges and overcome them, regardless of what environment you need to monitor. We also help to network and support your systems to ensure they’re always available for viewing and ready for you to review footage.

Eastman Chemical Factory discovered their perfect solution with us at Surveillance Secure. Are you ready to as well? Let us know how we can help: 877-388-1248.

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