Client Case Study: 30th Street Apartment Building

Apartment buildings are places that many people call home. People need to know that their home is secure and safe. They shouldn’t have to feel worried walking home at night or having visitors over. You can offer your clients a secure place to call home with our security solutions. We worked with the 30th Street Apartment Building in order to provide these solutions and overcome security challenges.

Audio and Video Solutions

The 30th Street Apartment Building needed customized solutions so that they could have audio along with their video. We worked with them to prioritize their concerns, address their challenges, and select the best equipment for their budget. We were able to integrate a speaker system into the security system to allow for the building’s owner, the monitoring company, and the police to have two-way communications.

 Prevent Suspicious Activity

It doesn’t matter what location your apartment building is in—suspicious activity can occur anywhere at anytime. At the 30th Street Apartment Building, drug trafficking remained an issue around the building and tenants no longer felt safe coming home late at night or leaving early in the morning.

With our security solutions including the audio and video setup, security personnel are now able to prevent suspicious activity at the touch of a button. They simply speak over the intercom integrated with the speakers and security system and say that the police have been notified. When you need to prevent suspicious activity from occurring and deter drug traffickers and other violators away from your building, we can help you do that from a safe and secure location with just the touch of a button.

Our security system helps you and your building personnel to function much like a security team when you can speak live through the camera.

Have Accurate Records

If your building experiences security concerns frequently, it’s crucial that you have accurate records of what happened for law enforcement and insurance purposes. The system we implemented for the 30th Street Apartment Building has pre-recorded audio files that can be activated, and of course, personnel are able to speak live through the system.

The 30th Street Apartment Building is now able to prevent crime and theft from occurring, keep their tenants safe while at home and both while entering and exiting the building, and they have accurate records for when something does go wrong for the police.

When you need challenges met including audio and video systems for your apartment complexes, we can help at Surveillance Secure. 877-388-1248.

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