Client Case Study: Lexington Square Apartment

Keeping your security challenges met with advanced technology requires a company that has deep insight and experience in the industry. From providing weatherproof cameras to redesigning your entry system, we can help at Surveillance Secure.

We worked with Lexington Square Apartment Building to redesign their callbox to take advantage of what modern technology has to offer.

Replacing the Old System with New Technology

We worked with Lexington Square Apartment Building to replace the door entry call box at their front door. The old system worked by calling the home and cell phones of the tenants, which required the tenants to be in the apartment in order allow people in. However, with the new system, the call box can transfer video to the tenants’ smartphones or laptops.

By replacing the old technology with the new system, tenants can actually see who is at the front door no matter where they are. They also have the ability to let people in through a smartphone app or a laptop while being away.

Ensuring Security

The new system enables both Lexington Square Apartment Building and its tenants to remain safe and secure at all times. While in your building, it’s often impossible to see who’s trying to gain access and this is one of the most common ways that intruders gain access to the building. We worked with Lexington Square Apartment Building to fully attain security and meet the challenges that the old call box posed.

With the new call box system, tenants can not only see who is trying to gain access to the building, but they can also allow people in if they need to while not being at home. When tenants are on vacation and would like to allow a friend or neighbor access to their apartment to check on things, or when a family member arrives early for a visit and your tenants aren’t there, you can prevent security faults and keep everyone in the building secure and safe.

Allow Tenants Ease of Accessibility

With smartphone technology, you allow your tenants to have the convenience and secure features they look for in an apartment building. With Lexington Square Apartment Building, tenants no longer have to be on the premises to see who’s there. This new system provides security for everyone and gives tenants the ability to always know their apartment is secure.

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