We have custom security solutions for any remote location.

Sometimes a normal security camera just doesn’t cut it when it comes to remote location surveillance systems. When you need cameras that are made to withstand the elements for harsh environments, we can help you decide on the perfect setup for what you need. Seal out dirt, dust, water, and more with waterproof and weatherproof cameras for outdoor and remote locations.

Remote Location Surveillance Systemslake-mead-224020_640

Need surveillance systems for a remote location? At Surveillance Secure, we can help you choose, install, and maintenance self-contained and wireless security systems for any location on earth. Forget about travelling to see your location in person or put yourself at risk in harsh environments—our surveillance systems can serve all your remote locations and you’ll be able to see everything online.

Wireless cameras that are designed to work in tough outdoor environments can create custom security solutions for your remote locations. All recording and storage is done in one self-contained unit. Check your site from anywhere you need to—and be assured that we’ll support your system as needed.

Customized for Your Environment

Regardless of your environment or the surveillance equipment you need to monitor it, we can help. From our high quality, weatherproof cameras to designing your surveillance system to reliably monitoring whichever environment you need, let us help you customize a surveillance system to work in any environment, every time.


No network? No problem. Our cameras can function on solar power or battery power backed up by solar power and a remote Internet connection. We specialize in cameras that are designed to work in manufacturing environments, extreme temperatures, or those locations that truly are in the middle of nowhere—and all are ready to work for you at Surveillance Secure.

Thermal Imaging Surveillance Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras allow you to see the heat from any object in the dark—therefore allowing you to see regardless if you have minimal light or total darkness at your site. We provide thermal imaging solutions that you need for your harsh environments. You can supplement your existing security system with thermal imaging to be totally adept in any situation in any given environment.

Tough environments shouldn’t stop your company from monitoring what it needs to. For 24/7/365 performance in a harsh, remote location, our surveillance solutions can be customized to work dependably for you. When you need remote location surveillance systems or thermal imaging surveillance cameras, our systems are here to help support your security needs in some of the harshest environments on the globe.