Detecting Elevated Body Temperature With Mobile Touchless Thermal Cameras

When it comes to keeping your business safe while the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic continues, temperature screening can be a beneficial tool. As stores and offices begin to reopen but public health regulations continue and evolve, it’s essential to be proactive about your facility’s safety.

Technology that can detect elevated body temperature with mobile touchless thermal cameras can help you monitor the temperature of anyone entering your facility with a quick, touchless scan. Mobile thermal cameras don’t violate privacy, yet keep you and your team proactive about preventing new cases.

How else can touchless thermal cameras protect your facility and support prevention efforts?

Flexible Screening Solutions to Rapidly Identify Potential Cases

With thermal imaging cameras, you can quickly identify people entering your facility who may need additional medical screening based on their temperature.

Temperature reading technology takes only about one second per person, meaning there’s no waiting and no unnecessary contact.

Camera technology with body temperature detection also helps you avoid using necessary screening equipment on people who don’t need it and streamline efforts for people who do. While thermal imaging can’t diagnose any conditions, it can detect elevated body temperature which could mean a person is more likely to have the virus and needs further testing [1].

Giving you flexibility for fixed equipment or a portable tablet, thermal imaging technology makes it easy to secure your facility and monitor traffic no matter where you are.

touchless thermal cameras washington dcVideo Analytics to Preconfigure Alerts and Keep Records

Thermal imaging cameras can also employ analytics such as facial recognition technology and keep temperature screening records. This data helps you keep track of people who regularly enter your facility, such as employees, residents, or patients, to monitor for temperature changes.

When you have a large number of people coming into your facility daily, monitoring traffic to ensure people are upholding public health recommendations is essential. These camera analytics can detect whether or not someone is wearing a face covering and even help enforce social distancing, both of which are still recommended in most states [2].

You can even sync your thermal imaging readings with your access control system in an effort to prevent entry to those who may be at risk or allow entry for people who have cleared the temperature scan.

Trigger Notifications to Alert Staff and Reduce Exposure

With thermal imaging cameras, you can customize alerts to instantly notify security personnel if there’s an abnormal temperature reading. The technology also supports live viewing, allowing your team to see readings as they happen and act accordingly.

Notifications allow you to quickly identify people who may be at risk and take additional measures with screening equipment or refer them to seek a medical evaluation [3]. These timely alerts and real-time viewing help reduce expose for your staff and customers.

Accurate with 0.5° Celsius, thermal cameras can be an excellent option for:

  • Transportation agencies
  • Retail shops
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Offices
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Residential communities
  • Other commercial buildings

Elevated body temperature alerts allow your facility to conserve security efforts so your team can act when it matters most.

Find Out More About Our Mobile Thermal Imaging Solutions

Could thermal imaging technology give your business the extra layer of security it needs in today’s public health crisis? At Surveillance Secure, we’ve been helping commercial businesses stay safe since 2006. Contact us today at (877) 388-1248 to find out if our mobile thermal imaging solutions can support your facility’s safety as COVID-19 continues to threaten public health.



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