Surveillance Secure Video Analytics Help Reopening Businesses to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 and Promote Safe Environments

Technology has never been more important to public health than it is today. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to threaten people’s health, businesses need better solutions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 as they reopen.

Surveillance camera video analytics support reopening businesses by giving them the tools they need to promote safe environments for employees and customers. With intelligent identification and real-time notification of safety violations, businesses are better able to meet public health recommendations and streamline their efforts for protection.

At Surveillance Secure, we work with BriefCam to provide intelligent video analytics for reopening businesses to address public health concerns and meet safety objectives. With new features to help ensure compliance, our analytics help you safely resume operations!

Contact Tracing Analytics to Track Potential Spread of the Virus

With facial recognition technology, you can review video to identify individuals who may have been in contact with people with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19.

Contact tracing analytics allow you to quickly identify and track people in your facility during different times and locations to determine if anyone was exposed to the virus. Not only can this help you notify people accordingly, but also identify areas that need to be sanitized.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says contact tracing is a “key strategy” for preventing further spread of the virus and can help ensure people are aware of their exposure [1].

Enforce Face Mask Compliance With Real-Time Notifications

Wearing a mask has been proven to be an effective measure in preventing new cases of the virus [2]. By making wearing a face mask mandatory—among taking other steps—businesses can safely reopen.

However, taking responsibility for patrons wearing face masks can be difficult. Security personnel can stand at entry points and ensure people are wearing face masks prior to entering, but once people are inside, monitoring becomes more challenging.

With intelligent video analytics, your surveillance cameras become a tool for monitoring face mask compliance. You can not only search previously recorded for people who aren’t wearing a mask, but identify people who don’t have a face covering in real-time and notify personnel to take action.

Set and Enforce Building Occupancy Limits

Enforcing new building occupancy limits in response to COVID-19 generally requires that someone stand at the entry and exit points and count the number of people entering and exiting a business.

Not only does this tax your existing staff, but can unnecessarily expose them to an excessive number of people. Intelligent analytics allow you to set occupancy controller limits via your security cameras to provide accurate, practical solutions for monitoring the number of people in your establishment [3].

You can set and enforce occupancy limits using your surveillance cameras at entry and exit points. Once the maximum number of people have entered, the system alerts your staff or access control system so you can take action accordingly.

With occupancy controls, you can not only prove compliance, but also keep your customers and staff safe during reopening.

Other Uses for Intelligent Camera Analytics During COVID-19

Your surveillance technology can be a critical asset in preventing new coronavirus cases with intelligent analytics. Among contact tracing, facemask detection, and monitoring occupancy limits, you can also:

  • Identify hotspots. Reduce crowding by identifying vulnerable areas in your facility where people are most likely to violate social distancing requirements, including employee breakrooms and entries or exits.
  • Streamline sanitation efforts. Keeping your facility clean is an excellent way to help prevent the spread of germs. You can identify areas that receive the most contact via people counting and determine the times that cleaning would be most effective and practical.
  • Detect elevated body temperature. Thermal imaging solutions give your business a touch-free way to identify people who have fevers or need further screening prior to entering your facility.

Our video analytic solutions via BriefCam empower you to proactively monitor your facility to uphold public health recommendations and prevent the spread of COVID no matter your industry.

How Can We Help?

Surveillance Secure is here to support your business in addressing public health challenges during reopening with surveillance technology. How can we help you meet your goals and keep your business safe? Contact us today at (877) 388-1248 to find out more about how camera analytics can help you reopen!


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