Detecting People Not Wearing Masks with Thermal Cameras and Face Mask Detection Analytics

Mask wearing detection

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the way businesses operate out of necessity. Your video surveillance system can help you to meet government regulations as well as protect your employees and customers. Two ways to do this are by using video analytics to check for people entering your building who may have a fever or who are not wearing a face mask. How does it work?

Thermal Cameras for Body Temperature Detection 

This is currently very popular in airports where people may object to being lined up to have their temperature taken one by one. Thermal cameras can determine if someone is running a high fever. An alert allows them to send someone to intercept the individual. You can use the same technology in your store or office to keep someone from entering the building with COVID-19 symptoms. If the person’s body temperature is too high, you get an alert and can immediately move into action to keep the person from spending time in your facility. 

While these body temperature readings can be accurate to within about half a degree, you may still want to have a contactless thermometer. This will allow you to pull the person aside, take their temperature, and show them the reading. Otherwise, some may object to your use of video screening to reject their entrance into your store or building. 

Video Analytics for Detecting Unmasked Faces

In a global pandemic, face masks save lives. So when your video analytics reveal that a person is entering the building without a mask on, you want it to alert you right away. This can help you to enforce the store or office policy (as well as any state or federal regulations that may exist now or in the future). 

These analytics don’t require that you update your video surveillance system. This is a software add-on that you can use to protect your airport, medical facility, school, retail store, or any other type of building. 

Protecting Your World from the Global Pandemic 

From retail stores and hospitality businesses to schools and medical facilities, video surveillance helps you to protect your employees, customers, and people in general. Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, this technology is becoming more essential than ever before. 

Surveillance Secure is here to help you protect your world, whether you need protection from criminals or from a virus. Contact us today by calling 877.388.1248 to learn more. 

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