Transforming Video Analytic Data Into Actionable Intelligence

Video analytics has been a crucial part of video surveillance systems for a number of years now. However, the challenge that many facilities face is how to translate that raw data into something that you can use to take action, especially during a global pandemic. Here are a few examples of ways that you can effectively use video analytic data to cope with the COVID-19 crisis. 

Appearance Similarity Search 

Facial recognition can struggle to provide usable data when you are dealing with people wearing face masks. On the other hand, appearance similarity matches are more important than ever before. For example, you can use appearance similarity to search for people in your facility who are not complying with mask regulations simply by looking for visible mouths and noses. This allows you to determine violations in real-time and may help to protect your employees or customers.

Analyzing Trends Using Hotspot Data 

Video analytics can pick up hotspots. For a retail store, this information can be used to tell you if a display is doing its job and attracting attention. On the other hand, you can also use it to identify people gathering in violation of COVID-19 mandates. This can allow you to send someone to break up the group before then spend long enough together to increase the risk.

Optimize Facility Cleaning 

Video analytics data can help you to clean smarter rather than harder during the pandemic. There is no reason to disinfect a room if no one entered it during the entire day. On the other hand, you want your cleaning team to focus on high traffic areas and contact points that more than one person will touch throughout the day.

Get Daily Reports on Adherence to Social Protocols 

Handshakes, hugging, kissing, and just spending too much time too close to each other are all ways to spread disease socially. Removing a mask in the wrong situation can also lead to issues. Are there times that regulations are not being observed at your facility? A daily report can tell you what social behaviors to watch out for or to warn your employees about. 

Video Analytic Data Is Essential During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Video analytic data can help to protect your employees and customers alike. Now is the time to learn how to leverage that data into actionable intelligence. Surveillance Secure can help with the best video surveillance systems and analytics. Give us a call today at 877.388.1248 to learn more, or you can request a quote online

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