Enhancing Surveillance Camera Systems With Intelligent Audio Analytics

If you have an intelligent video surveillance system for your business, you’re familiar with the benefits of having visual surveillance for your property.

Intelligent video analytics allow you to monitor your property without having a physical set of eyes on your camera feed. Instead, you can get real-time notifications when the camera analyzes your feed and detects a potential threat.

Audio analytics work in a similar way when it comes to audio. Intelligent audio analytics capture acoustics in your environment and analyze them to identify danger. How can audio analytics enhance your existing surveillance system?

Identify and Distinguish Between Different Sounds

Intelligent audio analytics can not only identify specific acoustics but distinguish between them. For example, instead of alerting your security team when it detects raised voices, the system can distinguish between patterns in the acoustics of the voices to determine if aggression is present, which could signify an escalating situation.

Audio analytics can also identify:

  • The sound of car alarms, which can be particularly beneficial for parking garage and parking lot management.
  • Gunshots and even potentially the type of weapon used and how many shots were fired.
  • Breaking glass, including tempered or laminated glass, which can reduce the need for motion detectors to identify trespassers.

Since the system is programmed to identify certain patterns in sounds, you can minimize false alarms in environments that would otherwise be challenging to monitor; for example, areas where many people are talking or background noise is prominent.

Deter Crime With Rapid Response

With intelligent audio analytics, your system notifies your team of a potential incident before it has a chance to escalate. Should the system detect a possible gunshot, it immediately alerts your team of the sound. Your team can then verify the sound and respond appropriately to manage a potentially life-threatening situation.

Your security team can intervene in escalating circumstances, whether the system detects anger in voices or glass breaking, so you can improve your company’s response time to keep everyone safer and protect your assets.

Audio analytics enhance your existing surveillance system by compensating for the limitations in traditional surveillance. For example, surveillance cameras can’t detect gunshots or hostile tones of voice, limiting your team on what information they can act on in a developing situation.

Protect Privacy With Intelligent Audio Analytics

While audio analytics may seem like an invasion of privacy, the system is actually self-contained. This means not only will you not need a central server to take advantage of audio analytics, but that the actual process of analyzing the recorded material happens inside the device.

So the system isn’t actually listening to words or conversations, but rather patterns in acoustics. This helps your business comply with state law for recording individuals without their consent. The system also doesn’t continuously record sound; just when it detects something unusual that could signal a threat.

Have You Taken Advantage of Audio Analytics Yet?

Audio analytics give you a chance to enhance your awareness of security threats and better protect your facility. You can rapidly respond to incidents and prevent crime with intelligent audio solutions. Has your facility taken advantage of audio analytics yet? Enhance your surveillance cameras with this technology today—contact us at Surveillance Secure to learn more at (877) 388-1248!

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