Surveillance Secure Installs New Surveillance System for Office in Baltimore, MD

Surveillance Secure recently worked with Nyquist, Inc., a paint, body, and equipment distributor specializing in automotive coatings in Baltimore, Maryland, to install a new video surveillance system for the client’s main office and warehouse.

The customer had no CCTV or IP video surveillance storage (VSS) in place, but they wanted to have the ability to monitor their premises and supervise and view their camera feed remotely. Remote viewing capabilities are a must for many businesses today, as it allows owners and managers to proactively monitor the video feed without actually being on the premises.

The Surveillance Secure team worked to install a new IP camera system, with four fisheye cameras and eight cameras outside. The fisheye cameras were installed on the exterior of the building and provided the client with 360-degree coverage for their premises, increasing their surveillance coverage while reducing the amount of equipment necessary for the job.

With the installation of the new camera system, the client is able to view their video feed remotely and play with the angle of the cameras using the Hikvision interface to monitor developing incidents and act accordingly.

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