How Electronic Security Systems Help People Return Safely to Work

As we continue to navigate the ongoing pandemic, safely and effectively reopening your business is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, the right technology setup can support your efforts to help employees safely return to work while maximizing your efficiency. Here’s how electronic security systems and their respective features can support your business operations for safe and rapid reopening. 

Touchless Access Control Prevents Spread of Germs

Access control is essential for businesses, but outdated access control systems often require some form of contact for secure entry, such as a keypad. By upgrading your system to touchless access control technology, you can minimize the spread of germs and make access both easier and safer for those entering your place of business.

For example, Bluetooth is a secure form of access control that doesn’t require contact. Visitors simply use their mobile device to access the building by scanning their device on a reader [1]. The good news is that, for most businesses, their existing access control systems can simply be updated rather than completely overhauled to implement this beneficial technology.

Analytics Prevent Crowd Formation and Ensure Mask Wearing

Intelligent video analytics can be integrated into your existing camera system to help you enforce social distancing requirements at your business. The software automatically counts people in a given area, and when too many people congregate in a space and make social distancing impossible, the system alerts your team who can then respond to disperse crowds.

Your surveillance cameras can also help ensure that people are wearing masks with intelligent analytics [2]. While having people on-site to enforce mask wearing is important, your surveillance technology can help fill in any gaps with mask enforcement, especially when people may take their masks off after they pass the entry point.

Minimize In-Person Contact and Requirements to Be On-Site

During the pandemic, remote work has become standard for many business operations. Fortunately, your surveillance technology can support your continued remote work with cloud solutions. Our cloud video storage and access allows you to monitor your business in real-time anywhere with an internet connection, meaning that you can minimize in-person contact while still effectively monitoring your business.

Cloud solutions also tend to be more efficient and secure than on-site video storage and processing, helping to maximize your security and minimize your risk [3]. When managing your business is essential but being on-site doesn’t have to be, cloud technology for your surveillance setup helps support your business objectives even during a pandemic.

Have You Taken Advantage of Technology to Enforce Public Health Regulations?

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of contemporary surveillance technology to support best practices for your business operations during a pandemic, it’s time to find out what the right solutions can do for you. Contact us at Surveillance Secure today to discover more about our public health technologies to help people safely return to work!



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