Gunshot Detection Analytics Integrated With Surveillance Systems Shorten Response Times and Make Facilities Safer

Gunshot detection analytics incorporate software into your surveillance system that registers the sound of gunshots. Once the sound is detected, the information is analyzed by experts at our data center who verify the noise within seconds and dispatch emergency personnel to your site.

Data from gunshot detection software helps facilities respond faster to incidents, but can also provide invaluable information such as the approximate origin of the noise and even the type of gun to initiate a proper response and stop an incident as it’s underway. 

Incidents involving gun violence can happen anywhere at any time. So far in 2020, there have been 14 mass shootings in the United States, not including the thousands of gun-related injuries that have already happened [1].

Today, it’s more important than ever to keep your facility secure. With advanced analytics such as gunshot detection, you can respond much quicker to a life-threatening crisis.

How Gunshot Detection Software Improves Crisis Response Time

The noise from a gunshot or gunshots will trigger the detection system incorporated into your surveillance. Then, the collected information is almost instantaneously sent to trained personnel who authenticate the sound. 

The system uses microphones that can detect a variety of factors from the gunshot sound alone, including the approximate location of the shooters, the direction the shot was fired in, and even the firearm used. This information can be relayed to emergency responders who can use it to respond appropriately to a crisis.

Gunshot detection analytics provide accurate, reliable information that can save lives by speeding up response time from minutes to just seconds to get personnel dispatched to your location before anyone even has time to call the police [2]

What Facilities Can Gunshot Detection Benefit?

In many instances, gunshot detection software can be installed into your current surveillance system with minimal hardware additions. Most support for these systems can be done remotely, including updates. These detection systems are simple to install and maintain for enhanced safety.

Gunshot detection is a valuable asset for facilities of any size, regardless of the number of floors, including:

  • Commercial buildings. Whether you own a factory or another type of work environment, gunshot detection software can help keep your employees safe.
  • Airports. Busy, large spaces such as airports can rapidly turn chaotic in the event of a life-threatening incident. With gunshot detection, outside personnel work quickly to identify the source of the sound and mitigate the threat as soon as possible.
  • Schools. Colleges, universities, and other school systems can benefit from gunshot detection software to keep staff and students safe in the event of an active shooter.
  • Healthcare facilities. A variety of healthcare facilities from long-term residential care to hospitals can take advantage of gunshot detection to protect staff and patients.
  • Government buildings. State and federal government buildings often need a higher level of security, and software to detect gunshots can swiftly identify and secure a threat.

Analytics such as gunshot detection can also provide instrumental evidence in criminal cases or helpful information for emergency personnel in the event of a crisis.

Enhance Your Security With Advanced Analytics From Surveillance Secure

Our team at Surveillance Secure works with you to identify your risk and implement gunshot detection technology in the areas where it makes the most sense for your facility [3]. In a crisis, seconds matter, and a shortened response time can save lives and minimize the impact of an active shooter. Contact us at Surveillance Secure today to learn more about how our gunshot detection analytics can benefit your particular facility at (877) 388-1248!



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