Addressing Coronavirus Concerns by Upgrading Access Control to Touchless Keypads

Access control systems all over the country today include telephone and touch keypad entry systems. While these methods maintain their effectiveness in securing your facility, they present particular concerns in light of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus is spread through large droplets, and these droplets can land and stay on surfaces such as keypad and telephone entry systems for days. Should someone with the virus touch your access control interface, infectious particles could remain there for days. Then, when another person attempts entry and touches their mouth or nose, they could potentially become infected [1].

While access control systems are hugely advantageous and highly necessary, there are touchless options to secure your facility that can help prevent contaminated surfaces and hinder the spread of the virus.

Alternative Methods to Touch Keypad Systems

To address health concerns, your access control technology can be upgraded to remove the touch system and instead use the following methods for secure entry:

  • Keycard and key fob. Both of these would require that residents or employees “swipe” their keycard or fob in front of the access control reader without actually touching their device to the interface.
  • Biometric. If you have a facility with high-level security needs, biometric access control technology scans a person’s retina or utilizes facial recognition software, both of which require no-touch methods to gain safe entry. 
  • Bluetooth. With Bluetooth access control measures, a person simply swipes their smartphone in front of the reader. This method is similar to a keycard and key fob entry system but without the need for keeping track of additional devices.

Advanced access control measures such as biometric readers provide an added layer of intelligence to your existing hardware and software to keep your facility secure while still reducing health concerns and spread of germs [2].

Cost-Effectively Upgrade Part of Your System Rather Than Investing in a Full Upgrade

If you have concerns about the coronavirus and want to upgrade to a touchless keypad method for your access control, you can simply upgrade part of your system if you’d like. If the rest of your technology is working properly, you can specifically upgrade the actual reader part of an existing telephone or touch access control system.

Since upgrading part of your system is possible, you can invest in cost-effective touchless solutions without a full upgrade [3]. If you invest in Bluetooth access control, you also won’t need to keep track of keycards and key fobs, simplifying your system and reducing your management efforts.

Find Out More About Touchless Keypad Solutions

As the coronavirus rapidly spreads, it’s understandable that you’d want to make every effort possible to safeguard your facility from potential contamination. Find out more about touchless keypad solutions for your office, apartment building, or government workplace today by calling us at Surveillance Secure at (877) 388-1248. Our experts can walk you through each system to identify the appropriate method or combination of methods for your security needs!



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