How Monitoring and Detection With Traffic Video Analytics Delivers Safer Roads

Video analytics are becoming an integral part of surveillance systems, particularly for roadways. In the past, systems collected data for people to review incidents after the fact, which can certainly be helpful. However, contemporary analytics allow for real-time results and response for operators.

With automatic incident detection (AID) and traffic data collection, traffic video analytics deliver accurate data with fewer false alarms, giving critical information about the condition of roadways, traffic flow, and congestion that can potentially save lives.

Since motor vehicle crashes cost an estimated $830 billion in damages annually in the United States alone, traffic analytics can play a critical role in conserving costs, reducing harm, and creating safer roadways, highways, bridges, and tunnels [1].

Send Real-Time Alerts to Operators

Traffic video analytics use intelligent image processing to actively detect incidents and analyze them in real-time. The software can detect traffic jams, count vehicles, and analyze traffic movement, then send this information to third-party apps or software so operators can make informed decisions.

By having access to this data, operators can better manage road traffic in real-time [2]. The software can easily be integrated with existing video surveillance for roadways—it’s compatible with virtually any IP camera. As the system detects an event and determines if it’s a legitimate incident, it sends out a corresponding alert.

The interface allows for an integrated user experience, meaning it’s easy to reference incidents and search for events, even with the large amount of data collected. 

High Detection With Fewer False Alarms

With contemporary traffic analytics, you don’t have to sacrifice high detection to have fewer false alarms—the software can accurately detect and analyze even challenging traffic situations with low false alarms. Any vehicle that’s within viewing range of the camera is analyzed by the software.

The system alerts operators so they can make decisions in real-time regarding traffic events, whether it’s a traffic slowdown, an accident, or a disabled vehicle. It can even help predict traffic patterns or conditions for improved traffic planning with reliable data [3].

The interface also allows operators to accurately visualize data, traffic incidents, and alarms in real-time so they can make educated choices to create safer roadways.

Create Safer and Smarter Roads

With data including vehicle counting, average speed, and even how traffic incidents and real-time factors contribute to traffic volume and affect crash risk, these modern analytics help create safer and smarter roads [4].

The result is lower cost and risk, improved safety and cost management, and necessary information to create better infrastructures. With these tools, highway administrations can leverage data to upgrade roads as needed, design better tolling systems, and alert drivers in real-time of incidents that can affect their safety or travel plans.

Since traffic analytics can be integrated with your existing cameras, it’s simple to create a network of technologies that help keep people safer and reduce fatalities on the road. Find out more about traffic analytics and how you can get started with integrating them into your existing surveillance system today—contact Surveillance Secure at (877) 388-1248.



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