How Video Analytics Dramatically Improve the Features and Functionality of Commercial Surveillance Camera Systems

Having a surveillance system in place for your commercial property has many benefits. For all types of industries today, going without electronic security isn’t an option.

From having evidence for an incident to implementing proactive measures for safety, surveillance can be an invaluable tool for your organization.

You can take your surveillance camera’s benefits one step further with video analytics. Video analytics transform your footage into meaningful data you can use to enhance safety, proactively mitigate threats, and simplify your operations.

How can video analytics take your business to the next level?

Combine Technologies for Streamlined Solutions

Video analytics allow you to quickly and accurately review your video footage. They enhance your camera’s normal review features to identify specific actions or distance violations according to your specifications.

For instance, if one of your contractors or employees is diagnosed with COVID-19, you can retrace their steps with facial recognition technology to determine who they were in contact with for effective contact tracing.

You can also identify other unusual activities such as suspicious behavior based on your specific configurations [1]. Then, have your system automatically run back through the feed to identify timeframes of interest.

When you integrate video analytics into your security system, you can not only identify problems in real-time, but create a simplified process for utilizing recorded video.

Improve Situational Awareness to Respond Faster to Crises

After a disaster or incident, surveillance footage can provide vital evidence. But what if you could utilize your surveillance technology to address developing crises in real-time?

Video analytics can help you establish proactive solutions to keep your property safe by:

  • Quickly identifying threats. License plate recognition, gunshot detection, and fire and smoke detection technology immediately alerts your staff in a developing situation so they can react accordingly. You can even program your system to dispatch emergency personnel under specific circumstances.
  • Settling disputes. Point-of-sale (POS) transaction monitoring can help you resolve customer disputes and keep employees accountable in the event of a theft or customer complaint. It can also track employee and customer behavior to identify suspicious activity for practical solutions [2].
  • Averting crises. Whether it’s a traffic accident that’s blocked the entrance to your facility or smoke in your building, being more aware of your environment through analytics can help you avert crises and keep everyone in your facility safe.

Intelligent analytics can reduce your liability and turn your surveillance into a more advantageous investment. You can keep your team on top of security concerns, proactively prevent emergencies, and create a safer environment for everyone with the right analytics!

Make Your Operations More Efficient While Increasing Safety

Did you know your surveillance system can help you make your business operations more efficient in addition to enhancing safety?

Intelligent analytics can help you identify areas of concern, such as where people consistently violate social distancing requirements, accidents frequently happen, or machines overheat often.

They also eliminate the hours that staff often needed to spend reviewing video footage with automated processes [3]. Your staff can instead focus on your core needs rather than waste valuable time looking for an event via surveillance feed that could have been prevented with the right analytics and notification settings. And if an incident has already occurred, automated settings make it easy to identify the time frame within minutes rather than hours.

With these analytics, you can make your entire operational process more efficient. The results are cost savings, increased employee satisfaction, and rapid response to developing incidents on the premises.

Work With Us to Enhance Your Surveillance System

At Surveillance Secure, we want you to have your most efficient and safe processes for your business. Whether you’re looking for surveillance video analytics to help keep your business safe as it reopens from COVID-19 or if you’re looking to enhance your existing system with specific analytics, we can help. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule a free consultation at (877) 388-1248!



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