What Are the Benefits of License Plate Recognition for Parking Lot Management?

Video analytics such as license plate recognition can be seamlessly integrated with your existing surveillance system for added features and benefits. By scanning license plates as vehicles enter your parking lot and storing the information in a database, this software helps make managing your parking lots safer, easier, and more efficient.

With license plate recognition software, you can better enforce parking lot rules all while reducing operating expenses and keeping your clients satisfied. Whether you manage a public parking lot or a parking lot for a school, healthcare facility, or workplace, here are the benefits of license plate recognition technology for parking lot management!

Improve Accuracy and Reduce Waste

License plate recognition video analytics are known for their accuracy [1]. Where humans make errors, license plate recognition software helps you keep accurate records of all vehicles in your parking lot. This process makes violators easier to identify, and keeps citations accurate.

In the past, manually checking vehicles was the only option for enforcing permitted vehicles in a parking lot. However, this process took time and was easily subject to error. With video analytics in the form of license plate recognition, the system automatically flags unregistered vehicles and alerts your team accordingly.

You can even create lists in your database of approved vehicles to make identification even easier; for instance, if you have a staff or student parking lot with virtual permits. You also have the option to make a list of prohibited vehicles should you need to.

Without the need for physical permits or tickets, you help reduce waste on your property, decrease operating costs, and eliminate the need for manual reinforcement.

Prevent Traffic Jams at Entries and Exits

Parking lots can quickly become jammed at peak hours with cars stopping to take a ticket or verify their identity prior to entry. However, with a license plate recognition system, traffic can flow smoothly without having to stop, as the scanner will capture their license plate number automatically. Improved traffic flow helps reduce potential accidents or disputes on your property, which helps lower your liability and risk for incidents.

Customers won’t only be more satisfied with less traffic at entries and exits—which can get dangerous when your parking lot is located off a busy street—but they’ll also be more satisfied with an accurate system rather than losing a ticket and having to pay a higher fine.

The best part about license plate recognition technology is that it works in limited lighting conditions, and can record the license plates of cars even if they’re speeding or engaged in other unsafe activity [2]. So you not only reduce human error, but increase safety and efficiency with this technology.

Help Staff and Drivers Stay Safer With Touchless Solutions

License plate recognition technology reduces or eliminates the need for staff to remain on-site at your parking lot. With touchless entry and exit, drivers don’t need to be worried about spreading or catching germs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drivers can simply pay online using their license plate number, which means no physical interaction with your employees and safer, more efficient parking. You can even have your patrons manage their account online, meaning they can change and add vehicles to their permit, further minimizing contact with other people [3].

Your management team can also have a list of potentially dangerous or wanted vehicles from your campus security or local police, helping you secure your parking lots and keep everyone safe.

Could License Plate Recognition Video Analytics Benefit You?

With license plate recognition video analytics, you make it easier for your staff and clients to stay safer and enjoyed improved efficiency, all with reduced cost and effort. Could license plate recognition help benefit your parking lot management? Find out with our security professionals at Surveillance Secure by giving us a call at (877) 388-1248!


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