New Cloud Based Surveillance System for a New Space: Rockville Housing Enterprises Case Study

The Surveillance Secure team was able to assist Rockville Housing Enterprises, an independent organization created by the mayor and council to determine the need for building and overseeing public housing in the city.

Rockville Housing Enterprises moved into a new corporate space and needed surveillance and access control solutions for security, particularly to cover the building’s entrances. The Surveillance Secure team installed cloud-based surveillance cameras and a key fob access control system for the client’s new space.

Cloud-based surveillance cameras offer benefits such as minimal on-site hardware, scalable storage, and remote viewing and management capabilities. Combined with a key fob system, these cost-effective security cameras make a comprehensive surveillance solution to ensure only authorized members can access the facility.

The client wanted to minimize on-site hardware, which made cloud-based cameras ideal for their particular setup. They had previously experienced downtime due to the failure of older, on-site equipment, and they wanted to avoid that with this new system. Surveillance Secure was able to accommodate them with contemporary technology.

With their new surveillance system, the client appreciates the fact that they can budget for the monthly service fee to reliably maintain their system without any surprise charges. The new system also allows them to lower their initial upfront capital expenditure by utilizing the cloud, resulting in cost savings.

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