Retailers & Restaurants Improve Operational Efficiency and Increase Revenue With Intelligent Video Analytics

Surveillance cameras provide businesses such as retailers and restaurants with the video they need to keep an eye on their operations. But what if your surveillance technology could make your business even more functional and efficient?

With intelligent video analytics, your cameras do more than just monitor the premises. You can turn your surveillance system into a solution that delivers key data points for you to improve your productivity and reduce loss. The insight video analytics provide help you maximize your revenue by running your business more proficiently.

Here’s how intelligent video analytics can improve your retail location or restaurant for better operational efficiency!

Identify Peak Hours and Visitor Flow

Where do people spend the most time in your establishment? What are the most popular times for people to shop or eat on a weekday and the weekends? How do people move through your store or restaurant? These are all questions that intelligent video analytics can help you answer.

By identifying the busiest hours for your location, you can adjust your staff accordingly, keeping minimal staff on-site during the off hours yet ensure you’re fully staffed for the busiest hours and days of the week.

Understanding how people move through your business can be immensely helpful—maybe there are obstructions where shoppers usually spend the most time, resulting in congestion and confusion when browsing. Or, maybe people in your restaurant often take a shortcut to the restrooms, leading them through areas reserved for your servers.

Having this information can help you optimize your layout to encourage customer safety, increase staff efficiency, and improve customer experience [1].

Better Coverage With Fewer Cameras

Intelligent video analytics give you the opportunity to take advantage of 360-degree panoramic cameras, which allow you to monitor a wider area in more detail with fewer cameras. Not only will your surveillance efficiency increase, but fewer cameras means less maintenance and cost savings for your business.

Cameras with 360-degree monitoring help deter shoplifters and employee theft in addition to employee misconduct. They provide high detail and zoom capabilities, even in locations with dimmer lighting, such as in restaurant dining areas [2]. These capable surveillance systems give your retail or restaurant location the efficiency and flexibility it needs to safely monitor your operations.

Insightful Analytics to Optimize Revenue

You can optimize revenue by using data from intelligent video analytics to prevent loss and protect your employees and customers. Video analytics show which areas are most popular in your establishment and how people move through these spaces.

With this information, you can reconfigure challenging areas, such as particular display where shoplifting happens or where diners crowd together and make entry and exiting difficult. By optimizing your business’ performance, you can reduce your overall expenses, boost profitability, and keep customers happy [3].

People Counting to Encourage Social Distancing

Video analytics are particularly helpful for businesses and restaurants reopening during COVID-19. With intelligent analytics built into your surveillance, you can count the number of people coming into your retail location or restaurant, as well as the number exiting.

You can also track people in different locations—you have the ability to set limits for people in specific areas as well as the total number of people in a facility. This not only helps your business better comply with COVID health recommendations, but keeps everyone at your facility safer. People counting technology with video analytics is highly accurate to keep your establishment safe [4].

Secure Your Business With Intelligent Video Analytics

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