How Businesses Benefit From Integrating Facial Recognition With Access Control

Facial recognition technology undoubtedly has its benefits when it comes to enhancing your surveillance system. But facial recognition analytics can also play an instrumental role in your facility’s access control measures, especially when it comes to touchless access control solutions.

Here’s how businesses can benefit from integrating facial recognition technology with their access control to overcome challenges, increase efficiency and operate safely in a post-COVID world.

Challenges With Traditional Access Control

Traditional access control is a great way to ensure only authorized visitors enter your building. However, it does have its challenges.

  1. Access control systems can include a keypad, which requires users attempting entry to touch a communal keypad. Depending on how many people you have accessing your facility every day, that’s a lot of germs!
  2. People can also lose keycards and key fobs associated with an access control system. By the time an individual realizes their card or fob is missing, building security could have already been compromised. Then, the system manager must be notified and the device deactivated, and a new device programmed and issued. This process is inconvenient and time-consuming.
  3. Facilities also struggle with access control during busy hours, which can cause crowding near entry spaces, resulting in an inefficient process for staff, residents, customers or visitors to securely enter the building.
  4. Combination access control systems, such as with fingerprint or other biometric measures, can be challenging for people wearing gloves during the COVID pandemic. Fingerprint stations quickly become germ hubs and ultimately reduce efficiency of your access control system.

Today more than ever, businesses need flexibility with their access control solutions, and their system needs to work for their particular situation [1]

How Facial Recognition Technology Can Help

By recognizing the faces of people who enter your facility, facial recognition provides a highly accurate, touch-free way for people to safely enter the premises. A device scans the person’s face and allows entry or denies entry based on their identity—no touching or keycard required.

Once identity has been verified, the door will open (automatic doors provide an even safer touchless solution combined with facial recognition access control during COVID). Visitors are still able to call in using the device simply by voice activation. 

The system keeps record of anyone entering your facility, which can be immensely helpful for logging visitors, therefore reducing burden on your staff and keeping them safer from potentially dangerous visitors. Facial recognition technology also allows businesses to remotely allow or refuse a person entry. 

Facial recognition creates an efficient, safer way for people to access businesses. The touch-free software results in fewer areas staff has to clean for a more hygienic and efficient solution. For businesses that still want to take advantage of a combination access control system, facial recognition can successfully be used in conjunction with other access control methods [2].

Can Your Business Benefit From Facial Recognition Access Control?

Revitalize your business’ access control solution with facial recognition technology. For when you need a safer, more efficient way for employees, visitors and contractors to enter your facility, facial recognition technology is immensely helpful. Contact us at Surveillance Secure today to find out more about how facial recognition software can benefit your business at (877) 388-1248!




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