Sedona AZ DPW Awards Surveillance Secure Contract for Solar Powered Surveillance System for Traffic Monitoring

Solar powered Surveillance System to monitor city traffic

The Sedona, Arizona Department of Public Works awarded Surveillance Secure a contract to provide a solar-powered surveillance system.

The Department of Public Works wants the install the solar cameras to monitor Sedona city traffic circles to view traffic jams. Monitoring traffic jams can help authorities better manage traffic flow to prevent vehicles from continuing to build up on affected roadways.

Monitoring travel also helps enhance safety, as it can identify areas where speeding is common. Technology can even recognize license plates to help police identify silver alerts, offenders, or people in danger.

Analyzing traffic flow over a period of time can also help authorities study patterns and identify problems to improve areas that receive challenging or heavy traffic flow.

The solar powered pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras that Surveillance Secure is supplying will be mounted on poles so they can observe multiple traffic circles for congestion.

A single PTZ camera can cover the view range of multiple traditional security cameras. These cameras are customizable and allow you to designate your specific area of coverage. PTZ cameras are effective for traffic monitoring in part because they provide continuous 360-degree rotation for better viewing capabilities.

However, similar to regular security cameras, PTZ cameras can focus on different objects with zoom, giving viewers the ability to focus on license plates, for instance.

Solar powered cameras allow people to monitor remote places without a regular power source, where monitoring would otherwise be impossible. Surveillance Secure is able to assist the Sedona Department of Public Works with cameras that function on solar power with a remote internet connection.

These solar powered cameras can transmit video up to twenty miles, delivering an effective solution for places that don’t have a conventional means of power or internet. Surveillance Secure is pleased to be able to assist in improving traffic management and monitoring for the city of Sedona.

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