The Benefits of Networked Video and Audio Systems

Video surveillance is now a mainstay of the security industry for use in businesses as well as in schools and other public facilities. However, the idea of network video and audio systems is becoming more readily available, and the benefits when it comes to business efficiency and disaster or emergency preparedness are easily notable. Here are some of the benefits for your organization to consider when it comes to using a networked audio and video system.

A Public Address System

Schools are a great example when it comes to the benefits of a networked public address system. When your audio and video systems are linked, you can provide morning announcements to all students and faculty or even select certain zones to speak to. This can help the school to run smoothly.

However, the security benefits cannot be understated, especially if a fire, a bomb threat, or an active shooter situation arises. Being able to quickly communicate with the entire school or certain sections of the facility can save lives, especially when a lock-down or emergency evacuation becomes necessary. Obviously, these benefits can also carry over into the workplace.

Automated Announcements and Alerts

Whether at a school or work facility, there may be automated announcements that need to be made throughout the day. A networked audio system can ensure that bells are heard at specific times of day to indicate lunch, different class periods, shift changes, or to provide other notifications.

Networking your video system can also help you to provide rapid confirmation of an emergency alert. For example, if a smoke alarm sounds, a networked video surveillance system can allow you to see the location and size of the fire or if the alert was set off by a careless worker or student lighting a cigarette against facility policy. This can reduce the disturbances caused by a false alarm and allow you to get everyone back to their desks or workstations as quickly as possible.

Perimeter Alerts and Other Security Benefits

Networking your video and audio systems can also have other preemptive security benefits. For example, an automated system can provide a prerecorded message or sound to chase off trespassers or loiterers before the authorities have to be involved.

To get all of these benefits and more, be sure to have your networked audio and visual systems installed by Surveillance Secure. Our Maryland-based security experts can help your business or educational facility to provide efficient protection for workers or students. Call 877.388.1248 today to learn more.

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