Top 3 Ways for Businesses to Utilize Security Video Monitoring Services

Having video surveillance for your company can provide many benefits, including giving both business owners and employees peace of mind.

Leveraging the benefits of video monitoring—including video analytics—for your office or warehouse can help you in more ways than one. Here are the top three ways these surveillance solutions can help you reach your goals and increase efficiency!

1. Protect Employees

Surveillance cameras can help protect your employees and encourage a safer workplace both inside and outside the office.

For example, when employees work late and need to walk to their car in the parking lot, video surveillance can ensure they arrive safely. Having a surveillance system in place can also appeal to potential employees who may be concerned about safety or working outside of regular hours.

Video solutions can also tell whether you don’t have enough (or have too many) staff members. However, 48 percent of companies use electronic monitoring and video surveillance to monitor theft and violence while only 7 percent use surveillance to track employee productivity [1].

While data from electronic monitoring can help create a more productive workplace, it also helps companies place an emphasis on safety in a way they might not otherwise be able to do.

2. Get Real-Time Notification

Video cameras can help you get real-time notifications of events such as emergencies and can even help prevent theft from occurring. In a study of hundreds of restaurants in the United States, electronic monitoring reduced employee theft by 22 percent [2].

Real-time notifications help improve your response time to incidents and monitor important areas of your office or warehouse. You can get updates on your devices at any time, even from multiple sites, anywhere with an internet connection.

Being able to react as a threat is happening instead of after the fact can not only help increase safety of your building, but can reduce threats and prevent emergencies such as a fire or flood from occurring.

For instance, flame and smoke detection systems can give you time to act even before smoke alarms or personnel have sensed the problem, and are becoming an instrumental step in protecting facilities from preventable fires and damages [3].

3. Resolve Conflicts

Installing video surveillance for your business can help resolve conflicts between employees and customers, employees amongst themselves, or employees and management. Point-of-sale (POS) transaction monitoring systems can help you monitor sales transactions to see exactly what occurred.

Video feed gives you proof of what happened. Not only can this help you settle disputes, but can give you the evidence you need to settle potential lawsuits or other allegations against your business.

With the right POS transaction software and monitoring, you can even stop unauthorized access to systems and prevent sensitive information from being available to employees and third parties, minimizing the chances that a data breach or faulty transaction would take place [4].

Do You Have Video Surveillance for Your Business?

If you haven’t incorporated a video surveillance system into your workplace yet, the time to do so is now. When an effective and strategically placed surveillance system can prevent theft and increase productivity and safety, you can improve your business’ bottom line.

Contact us at Surveillance Secure today to learn more about our video surveillance and analytics solutions for commercial businesses. We specialize in customizing security solutions for companies and helping them leverage analytics to improve their operations. Call us today at (877) 388-1248!



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