Surveillance and Security System Features to Consider for School Safety and Lockdowns

security systems for school safety and lockdowns

Schools are increasingly experiencing safety threats and the need for lockdowns. How can you be prepared for everything from a false alarm to an active shooter? We’re going to provide some of the most important suggestions to get your facility ready for the worst-case scenario. 

Restricting Access to Unauthorized Visitors 

Access control plays one of the key roles in your security system. You need to limit points of access by not having open doors all over the building. You also need a system for managing school visitors. Facial recognition software can alert your staff to dangers the second a suspicious person tries to enter the property. 

Communication with Staff 

Integrating your video surveillance system with an audio system is another key element. You need to have two-way communication with every classroom at all times. A PA system is great for making announcements to the entire school, but if a teacher can’t call in directly to alert the main office of an emerging situation, there may not be time to get all of the students to safety. You also want to have a good parental notification system, so families will know right away if there is a lockdown or if they need to come and pick up a student. 

Video Surveillance Can Provide Faster Notification of Danger 

Surveillance cameras can detect dangerous situations developing based on real-time visuals of weapons, fights, and arguments. Cameras with audio capability can detect shouting, gunshots, breaking glass, and other telltale signs of danger that can send an early warning message to local law enforcement or onsite security staff. 

When an emergency occurs, time saves lives. Every moment that the police can be alerted sooner or that the lockdown can be implemented faster can mean the lives of your staff or students. Video can also help law enforcement to locate a perpetrator faster and find a safe angle of approach for quickly disarming a situation.

Have a Qualified Security Team Perform a Vulnerability Assessment 

Surveillance Secure would be happy to help your facility improve safety for your students and faculty. We offer modern surveillance systems and audio system for the dangerous world we live in. From access control systems to early alert analytics, we help you be prepared for the worst-case scenario so you can minimize the damages. Call us today at 877.388.1248 to learn more.

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