Surveillance Secure Meets the Expanding Security Needs of the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis market in the United States is a $6.2 billion industry—and growing [1]. The market for marijuana is projected to have strong future growth as more states legalize both medical and recreational marijuana.

The growth of the cannabis industry is increasing the demand for security solutions to protect the assets of cannabis businesses. Security is an important part of the marijuana industry, from grow houses to transportation to retail locations. 

Cannabis retailers are a target for crime due to their product’s rising demand and value. Comprehensive security measures help protect this booming industry. Surveillance Secure is prepared to meet the expanding security needs of the cannabis industry!

Grow Houses

Grow houses for marijuana undeniably require security. In fact, many local governments, including the state of Maryland, require high-definition video that’s capable of facial recognition for cannabis growers[2].

Cameras should also have motion detection capabilities, and be able to capture activity at each entry and exit point at the location. Anywhere where medical cannabis is handled is required to have surveillance cameras that reliably capture footage 24 hours a day.

Access control is another important security feature when it comes to regulating entry and preventing unauthorized access. Access control solutions can also track who accesses grow houses and when. Intrusion alarms can supplement security in the event that the building isn’t staffed 24/7.


Transportation of marijuana also raises security concerns. From ensuring the product arrives to its designated location to monitoring employees who operate vehicles transporting marijuana, Surveillance Secure can help.

Our expert security team provides GPS tracking and monitoring of your vehicle fleets so business owners and managers can monitor arrival in real-time. We also offer video surveillance both in and outside your vehicles to keep your employees accountable for their behavior while out on the road and provide proof in the event of an accident.

Proper transportation security measures can ensure safe arrival and prevent loss or damage of products. In-vehicle surveillance solutions also allow business owners to better manage employees during the transportation process.

Retail Centers

Cannabis retail centers can benefit from many of the same security applications as grow houses. Access control, intrusion alarms, and video surveillance can help keep retail centers secure and ensure medical cannabis retailers maintain compliance with state and federal laws.

Retail centers are just as much at risk at grow houses and transportation methods when it comes to cannabis, especially because of their public locations where people know a high-demand product is available [3].

Surveillance secure provides video surveillance to deter potential thieves, reduce employee theft, and protect your retail centers from loss and damages.

Surveillance Secure Provides Integrated Security Solutions

By taking advantage of integrated security solutions, which incorporate video surveillance, access control, analytics, and intrusion alarms all in one system, Surveillance Secure can help you maintain compliance as well as ensure the safety and integrity of your product. 

Our team helps you leverage remote monitoring solutions for your convenience. Monitoring also allows you to keep accurate records of the handling of your product, access to your facility, and transportation for your peace of mind and compliance needs.

If you’re in the cannabis business, don’t neglect security solutions that many states require you to have. Contact us at Surveillance Secure to learn more about our integrated solutions for marijuana retailers!



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