Surveillance Secure Addresses Campus Vulnerabilities & School Safety with Lockdown Solutions

According to one source, there were 23 incidents at US schools in 2018 where injuries or deaths occurred. Since the typical school year in the US is 180 days, that means an incident occurred approximately every eighth day of school throughout the year. You know your school needs to be prepared, and we want you to know how Surveillance Secure can help you to protect your students and staff.

Suggestions for Lockdown and Active Shooter Situations

Surveillance Secure recommends adding or upgrading any of the following systems for your campus surveillance system in order to eliminate vulnerabilities.

  • Visibility in all lighting conditions – A well-prepared attacker may choose to use darkness as an ally. Surveillance cameras that can operate in both light and dark conditions can help security forces to track an attacker.
  • Access control systems – The capability of locking interior and exterior doors remotely is a must during a lockdown situation. You don’t have time, nor is it safe, to send staff to every door to turn a knob or key.
  • Integrated communication can save lives – What if an event occurs when no one is in the main office? Public address solutions can help by offering you access from both the main office as well as SIP-enabled phones or certain mobile devices, giving you the ability to make a campus-wide announcement from anywhere.
  • Electronic signage and emergency lighting – LED signage both inside and outside the building can provide additional warnings. Strobe lights can be used to signal an alert for the hearing impaired.
  • Two-way communication with classrooms, for early alerts – If each classroom has the ability to contact the main office directly, this can help spread an alert faster. Radio and intercom systems are quicker than picking up a phone to dial a number. Every second can save lives in an active shooter situation.

Let Surveillance Secure Help Protect Your Students and Faculty with Modern Surveillance, Access Control, and Communications Systems

We hope your school never has to deal with this type of tragic incident. But if one occurs, being prepared will save lives. Let Surveillance Secure help your school to protect the lives of your students and staff with easy to implement safety features. To learn about our surveillance, access control, and communication systems for school facilities, call (877)338-1248 today, or you can request a quote for our professional security system installation services via our website.

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