Washington D.C. Medical Center Upgrades Electronic Security with Surveillance Secure

A major medical center in Southeast Washington DC is committed to providing the best quality health care and caring for all. Their goal is to offer services the community expects and deserves – the best care available for each family and everyone.

Their mission extends to providing a safe and secure environment for everyone, patients, staff, contractors and visitors. A complete assessment by the executive and safety and security team identified opportunities to increase the posture of the facility. The Security Director came from a long career in the hospitality business and understands the need for an excellent patient experience and how each element contributes to it. He had worked with Surveillance Secure previously at one of the major hotel chains where he worked in security.

A remodeling project of the administrative offices presented an opportunity to enhance the security system. The legacy system was showing its age both in terms of reliability and flexibility for the users. It did not allow an open architecture integration of video, access and alarm functions, so review and response time was slow. There was no ability to access video remotely or to administer the system online. It was important that during construction, ongoing operation of the surveillance system, continuing access control with use of the intercom system, and operation of the handicapped door opener had to be maintained without disruption. Desired improvements in support from their security vendor included a greater degree of responsiveness, better communication during the project process and closing service issues promptly.

The Surveillance Secure solution included installing a new control module that tied together the various elements and edge devices. This platform was a great deal easier for the user to operate and administer, in short easier to learn how to make it perform better. With the availability and integration of Bluetooth technology for their access control system, the choices for the end users provided increased flexibility and ease in navigating the secured areas. All systems designed and installed are accessible and have the ability to be administered remotely. As this was an administrative center, greater security for sensitive PHR documents was a clear result. While not part of the original project scope, the results achieved in this area encouraged the addition of projects in the Human Resources and Finance Departments.

Surveillance Secure worked closely to design, install, implement and support the team at this medical center to enable the client to make optimal use of their security technology.

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