Surveillance Secure Installs New Cameras for Cannabis Production Facility

Surveillance Secure partnered with a cannabis production facility to improve their security by installing a new camera system.

At this particular facility, employees prepare cannabis products by hand, and the client needed to be able to monitor the entire production process. The surveillance system Surveillance Secure installed is designed to carefully monitor product handling and manage loss prevention.

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras were installed at each work station to closely monitor employee activity and the production process. These cameras provide detailed, real-time video coverage, and allow surveillance personnel to zoom in on specific sections of the video if needed.

PTZ cameras can be controlled remotely, allowing security personnel to zoom in and tilt the cameras horizontally or vertically to better capture a specific angle. These cameras also have the ability to be combined with intelligent analytics.

Cannabis production facilities have strict surveillance requirements in place due to state laws requiring them to monitor their production with cameras of a certain resolution. Many states require cannabis facilities to keep visual records to prevent theft and production loss, and for storefront cannabis retail locations, 24/7 monitoring is often mandatory.

With their new surveillance system, this cannabis production facility now has the ability to ensure employee integrity as well as to effectively monitor their production to ensure optimal product manufacturing and comply with state laws.


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