Video Surveillance System Options When There Is No Local On-Site Power Supply

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Just because your commercial property doesn’t have a local on-site power supply doesn’t mean you have to go without surveillance. There are numerous options when you need to secure your premises but don’t have a reliable power source. 

So what power sources are available when you need video surveillance for a building, job site, construction zone, or even an event? Surveillance Secure helps you understand your options when you lack a reliable on-site power supply.

Solar-Powered Camera Units

Solar-powered cameras operate on the power of the sun and come with a backup battery to ensure you never run out of electricity for your surveillance. These units can work just about anywhere, including in remote locations or simply those that don’t have established power or even an established network [1].

These video surveillance solutions can work as a permanent camera option or a temporary system until you have established power. With a wireless connection, you won’t have to worry about traditional cabling for a network.

You can still experience all the benefits of remote video surveillance without an on-site power source with solar-powered camera units.

Mobile Surveillance Systems

When you don’t have an established power source and require surveillance that you can easily relocate, you also have the option of using self-contained mobile surveillance units that utilize solar power.

These standalone units can be box or pole-mounted and allow you to move your cameras as needed. They can even withstand harsh weather conditions for robust security solutions regardless of your location.

One of the most significant benefits of using mobile surveillance systems is that they can be rapidly deployed for your location [2]. So whether you have a temporary job site, a continually changing security environment, or a remote location, these systems can utilize solar power and wireless access solutions for ultimate connectivity. 

Wireless Transmission Capabilities

Properties that lack an on-site power supply also require reliable transmission capabilities for their surveillance. Just because you don’t have an established power source doesn’t mean you can’t reliably transmit video from remote locations.

Surveillance Secure provides long-range wireless video, which allows organizations to bypass traditional wired solutions and instead leverage high video quality either permanently or temporarily at their property or properties [3].

Our wireless cameras can be controlled from up to four miles away and can connect multiple buildings or sites without cabling. This way, you can expand your surveillance coverage and have the security you need without established on-site power or networks.

Learn More About Our Video Surveillance Solutions

When you need robust and reliable security without on-site power, Surveillance Secure can get you up and running as quickly as possible. Don’t leave the security of your property to chance. Contact our team today at (877) 388-1248 to learn more about our video surveillance solutions when you lack an established power source.



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