Voice over IP versus Public Switch Telephone Network – The Advantages for Your Apartment Building Door Access Callbox System

Many traditional callbox systems that control entry to apartment or condominium complexes require a phone line, but understanding the advantages of VoIP versus a traditional ‘landline’ can save you money and give you added flexibility in managing your system.

Voice over IP or VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol and combines the technology of the internet with that of the phone system.  VoIP telephony is based on digital technologies and during a call the voice information is carried to its destination in countless individual packets through the internet.

PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network, sometime called “POTS” for plain old telephone service, is circuit switch based and relies mainly on copper wires or possibly fiber to set up a circuit to carry analog data between two points during the call.

The advantages for business of VoIP include making long distance calls or international calls a low or no cost, calls are easier to make and are safer as they have encryption to prevent any 3rd party interference.  Other features may include file sharing, instant messaging, location sharing, audio video conferencing and lots of real time communication.

VoIP Advantages in multi-family apartment call boxes

Surveillance Secure installs VoIP call boxes at its multi-family apartment and condominium clients for several reasons.  

  • Many new residents move from remote areas of the country, use cell phones, and intend to keep their phone number.  
  • PSTN call boxes are usually able to use only the local area code to make calls to individual units in the building.  Outside of that area code, long distance charges can apply.
  • More and more people are not installing PSTN land lines in their residences but relying only on cell phones for communication.

The VoIP call box solutions delivers these benefits.

  • Makes the land line unnecessary
  • Allows visitors to call residents regardless of the area code
  • Eliminates long distance charges
  • Increases flexibility for management
  • Provides easy, quick administration of the system to add or delete users
  • Has ability to remotely access the system
  • Delivers a better quality of living place experience for residents

VoIP provides cloud computing communication that is wireless, less costly and faster and this is the reason businesses and most people are using this technology to run their businesses.  

Contact Surveillance Secure today so our security professionals can answer your questions about how it can work for your building.

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