The Benefits of Mobile Access Control

Mobile devices and wearables are just about everywhere in our modern world. How can your business or multi-residential facility capitalize on this trend to increase your security system in a simple, effective, and inexpensive manner? A mobile access control system may be just what you need.

What Is Mobile Access Control?

Access control is a key element of any security system. You need to be able to control who enters a parking lot, building, or even certain rooms within a facility. Users need to have credentials that can be presented to an automated reader. Providing the right credentials allows a person to gain access.

In the past, this meant providing key cards or key fobs to everyone and keeping them updated with current credentials. In modern times, biometrics can be used for access, but that may mean expensive readers. So why not provide access using something that your employees or residents already have?

Mobile Access Control Advantages

What are the benefits of mobile access control?

  • Cost-effective – Your employee or residents already have the device they need in order to pass the access control system. From smartphones to smartwatches and other wearables, these common devices can be used along with or instead of keycards and key fobs, saving you money.
  • Simple – Mobile access simplifies the process for the user, and that means less tech support. You don’t have to worry about someone losing their key fob or card. You don’t have to worry about the magnetic strip on a keycard getting demagnetized. This one of the many reasons that hotels are starting to allow guests to access rooms with a mobile device.
  • Secure – Credentials are sent to mobile devices digitally. This data is encrypted to protect each individual’s identity and credentials. You can remotely manage credentials, allocating and revoking them in real-time.
  • Scalable – You don’t need more cards when your company or property grows or you have visitors. You can simply assign more credentials to the individuals who need them.

Mobile Access Control Moves Your Security into the Future

Provide convenience for users while saving your company money. That’s the smart way to protect your business and your people. A mobile access control system from Surveillance Secure is the simple and cost-effective way to secure your facility. Call (877)388-1248 today and allow Surveillance Secure to help you watch your world. You can also request a quote online.

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