Which Surveillance Cameras Are Best Suited for an Industrial or Manufacturing Facility?

A video surveillance system can play an important role not just in the security of an industrial or manufacturing facility but also in the safety of the workers. Surveillance cameras give you the ability to do everything from examining what went wrong following an industrial accident to potentially stopping one from happing in the first place by having a supervisor observe an unsafe situation and act quickly to correct it.

However, to provide these benefits, you have to use the right surveillance cameras. Here are a few surveillance camera features that are must-haves in an industrial or manufacturing setting:


An explosion-proof camera is a must in the event of a major industrial accident. If the camera doesn’t survive the accident, you may lose valuable footage that could show what happened and help prevent future situations from recurring. While you work hard to ensure such an accident never occurs, you should still be prepared to deal with the aftermath if it does.


In certain situations, a thermal camera is a must. First of all, it can allow you to see if any equipment, chemicals, or other substances are overheating. This is not something that can always be detected visually, and even temperature gauges may at times malfunction and fail to provide a warning of the overheating that is occurring. Thermal cameras also allow you to locate people in low or no visibility situations due to darkness, power outages, smoke, or other conditions that can affect direct line of sight.

Heat resistance

Heat resistant cameras are now made that can operate under extreme temperatures and conditions. This allows you to have cameras where you may not be able to have workers. Yet, you can still keep an eye directly on the automated processes that are being performed in order to maintain safety.

The Surveillance Cameras and Systems That Your Industrial or Manufacturing Plant Needs

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