Surveillance Secure Cameras Catch Illegal Dumpster Usage for Maryland Residential Community

surveillance camera installation in residential community

A property management company for a community located in Montgomery County, Maryland hired Surveillance Secure to install a system that monitored their dumpster usage.

The community was paying an average of over $6,000 per year in extra dumpster disposal fees due to non-permitted items being dumped in them. Some of this disposal was from non-community members while some was from the residents themselves.

After an initial consultation and walk-through of the site, Surveillance Secure recommended a wireless surveillance system to save the client the unnecessary expense of trenching and running cables.

Surveillance Secure was able to install cameras to cover all the dumpster activities from multiple angles, including a wireless, on-site network to connect the cameras for easy remote transmission. With this system, the property manager is notified of activity near the dumpster and can access all the cameras from a PC or mobile device.

The entire arrangement including programming of the system and training for staff was up and running in two days. Within 12 hours of the installation, the community caught their first illegal dump by a resident, who the property manager was able to identify and notify them that they had to remove the items from the dumpster.

This one illegal activity provided an immediate savings of $500 in haul fees which the community would have been charged by the trash company. The client says the camera system installation cost was far less than their annual expenses for bulk garbage removal.

Now, they no longer have unsightly trash sitting around the dumpster areas and they continue to save on removal fees. The client is very satisfied with the entire system and with the work and expertise provided by Surveillance Secure.

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